First Page When There Is No Cover Page

David Livingstone                                                                    Livingstone 1

Geology 101, Semester 1, Class 2A

Professor H. M. Stanley

December 7, 2010

The Great Rift Valley: Splitting a Continent

        Begin your essay here. This is your introduction containing your thesis

statement and brief mention of the major points to follow in the body. Use

double spacing between the lines.

        Each paragraph is indented. Either use the space bar five times, or

press the tabulation key once. Your text is left aligned. The commonly

accepted font is Times New Roman and the size is 12. Use 8.5” x 11” paper

and print your text on one side only.

        Note that the title of your essay is the same font and size as the rest of

the details. Do not use bold, italics, or underlining for it. Margin settings are

normally 1” for top and bottom and 1.25” for left and right, although 1”

would probably be fine there too.

        In the upper right corner of each page, including the first page, type

your surname and the page number as seen above: Livingstone 1. On the

second page, you would type “Livingstone 2” and so on.

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