Mr. Fourie, I think you should know that you have ruined me. I can't help but notice spelling and grammatical errors wherever I go. You educated me far too well! One night at a BBQ place I had to "fix" their menus because there was an annoyingly obvious spelling error. :-)

~ Joanna Criswell, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

With Mr. Fourie's help, my writing improved with each paper I wrote in high school. Papers had always scared me, but by the time I graduated I was confident in my writing ability. College papers were a breeze! I am so grateful for his help!

~ Meredith Anthony, Dallas, Texas, USA

I have benefited so much from Mr. Fourie's instruction. I found that when I went to college, my grasp of grammar and spelling was much higher than the majority of other students. My freshman year, my first English professor recommended me immediately for honors English after the first semester. No one else was asked to join me out of my whole class. This is not because I was a particularly gifted English student; it was simply because I was taught the principles of writing by a very thorough teacher. 

~ Joanna Criswell, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Having graduated from college and being nearly finished with my Master's, I can say with confidence that I simply would not have been prepared to write well apart from the instruction of Owen Fourie. I learned not only how to structure sentences and paragraphs clearly but also how to analyze the writing of others and discuss their ideas in my own papers. Mr. Fourie combined excellent knowledge of writing skills, style, and method with the patience to diligently comb my writing for ways to improve it. I strongly recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their writing ability--whether it be for one paper or for a lifetime of writing.

~ Joel Swearingen, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Mr. Fourie helped my writing skills immensely! His instruction helped me make it through high school with great grades! Thanks to Mr. Fourie, I scored very well on the writing section of the SAT.

~ Melissa Anthony, Dallas, Texas, USA

I was privileged enough to have studied with Mr. Fourie during high school. The writing skills I gained during that time have helped me in both my academic and professional career. Writing is an essential tool in today’s workplace. Too often I see poor grammar and misspellings in emails and letters. No matter the intent, poor writing detracts from the author’s message. Writing was a struggle for me when I started high school. I am thankful that my parents found good instruction for me through Mr. Fourie’s writing courses. Today I am able to confidently compose letters and emails and am often asked to proof materials for publication.

~ William Eatman, Austin, Texas, USA

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